Special Funding


Sukhla Ghosh

Patient of Tala Park Clinic

When her kidneys started failing 4 years ago, Sukhla raised the money for treatment and dialyses herself. She finally received a kidney transplant in March 2008. The vital organ was donated by her mother.

The cost of necessary post-transplant medica­tion is unbearable to her and her family so her life is still in jeopardy. She requires this life-long treatment on a very regular basis, but is caught in a debt-spiral burdenning her family and quite directly threatening her life. Her follow ups are irregu­lar at best and she continuously suffers from side effects of the transplantation.

In July 2010 she had borrowed over 90,000 rupees from friends and relatives, and probably from less scrupulous moneylenders as well.

Sukhla’s husband works in a grocery shop and earns 1500 rupees ($35.) a month. He has diabetes and has to provide for his own treatment. Their 18 year old daugh­ter went through school and wishes to carry on her studies. Sukhla, who left school at an early age, spares no expenses for her daughter’s future, even though every rupee would be needed for her nephrology treat­ment.

She told us: «I think about my family all the time and what would happen if I were gone…».

Even in poor health, Sukhla has been work­ing tirelessly to survive and managed to source new ways of covering treatment ex­penses. But still not enough.

Calcutta Rescue can provide her with the quality and cost-effective medication she requires, as well as regular and thorough follow ups from the Tala Park Clinic medi­cal team at a cost of 3000 rupees per month.

Calcutta Rescue Canada is paying for Sukhla’s treatment for one year.