Special Funding


Julfikar Haldar

33 year old man, married with 3 children who regularly attend school. Julfikar’s elderly mother lives with them.

When Julfikar first came to Tala Park Clinic had to be carried by his family members. He was suffering from severe pain in both his hips. He is a diagnosed case of ankylosing spondylitis of hip joints, an inflammably disorder of unknown cause that affects the joints and axial skeleton. He underwent an unsuccesful hip replacement at Vellore, funded by himself and outside donations. The pain gradually increased. He attended Government Hospital (SSKM), orthopedic out patients in severe pain in both hips. He was advised he would need replacement of his right hip. He again raised money through donations and had the operation in 2003. But this time also he had pain off and on both hips even after operation. Over the years the pain in both hips has gradually increased and at times becomes intolerable. The condition makes him housebound. Julfikar can only come to Tala Park clinic if his family brings him; he is miserable with the pain. He is currently on conservative treatment but needs replacement of both hip joints.

Because of his disability, the local Panchayat (community) has built a two room brick and asbestos house for him. He used to enjoy enjoy sports but is unable to play now.

He sells tea biscuits and puffed rice in his parents’ tea shop,ce. He earns Rs 1500/- ($35.) per month (income is not stable). His wife works as a farm laborer earning Rs 1000 per month. Total family income Rs 2500.

Approximate cost of replacement of both hip is Rs 2,02,300. ($4,500.)

Julfikar desperately needs this operation to enable him stand on his own and live without being in so much pain and be able to work and financially support his family.

Calcutta Rescue Canada is happy to sponsor Julfikar’s operation.