Special Funding


Julfikar Haldar

Guffur is 40 and he suffers from Hypertension (HTN) along with Ischaemic Heart Disease (IHD) and chronic renal disease. He has history of headache for 2 years following which he went to R.G. Kar Medical College & Hospital and was given general medicine. He then developed generalized swelling when doctor diagnosed him to be a case of hypertension with renal failure. He was advised to buy medicines which he could not afford hence he came to Calcutta Rescue’s Belgachia Clinic on 11th March 2010 and was given a card. He was on Aspirin, Nitrocontrin, Metoprolol, Aquazide, Sorbitrate, Enam, Foracort Inhalers.


Guffur was doing well with antihypertensive and IHD medicines. He developed sudden swelling and was unconscious on 17th July 2010 along with breathlessness and was admitted at Medical College & Hospital where he was diagnosed to be a case of chronic renal failure – Grade V and requires dialysis. Case was then referred to SSKM (super specialized government hospital) where he had undergone 4 dialysis but due to non-availability of bed he was referred to a Private Nursing Home where twice a week dialysis was prescribed. The cost of each dialysis is Rs 1150. Total cost of 8 dialysis per month is Rs 9200 along with approx cost of medicine Rs 400.  Guffur could not afford this so he is taking dialysis once a week.

Guffur has 4 brothers, 4 sisters, 3 sons and 4 daughters. 2 sons and 3 daughters are studying. Guffur used to bore tubewell; his elder son is working either as a house painter or selling sugarcane earning Rs 3000 per month. They have their own house. Neighbours are helping the children financially. Guffur studied till Class II and his wife studied till Class IV.

Calcutta Rescue Canada is paying for Guffur’s treatment for one year.