Special Funding


Animesh Mondal

Animesh is 23; he was donated a kidney from his mother. « I was lucky to be compatible with my mother, he says, otherwise I don’t know what we would have done ». An organ from a donation bank alone costs approximately 3,00,000 rupees ($7,500.) – more than four times the yearly cumulated revenue of his household – without investigations and hospital costs just as high. The family paid for the operations by selling their arable land for a fraction of its value, as Animesh’s condition rapidly worsened, requiring urgent intervention. They had been petitioning their relatives for a loan, but to no avail.

The operations went well. Chanpa, his mother, does get tired much faster today, but says she doesn’t mind. Only, she is not relieved yet: her son requires post-transplant medication for life and they have spent their last resources on the operation.

The Mondals never had much, but always enough for a living in rural Kolkata, until disease struck Animesh. The household now relies mainly on the father’s irregular wages as a security guard (2500-3000 Rs a month, which is the cost of Animesh’s medication) and Animesh and Chanpa’s small earnings with embroidery work on saris. All they earn has to be balanced between food and the vital treatment for Animesh.

Not so long ago, Animesh used to cycle 1.5 hours every day to go to work for a textile export company and back, earning half the household income. He lost that job with the ability for physical activity, but is eager to regain Independence. He has shown interest in Calcutta Rescue’s mobile phone repair training programme, that will give him the means to sustain himself.
Calcutta Rescue can provide him the best medication at the most affordable rate with the required thorough medical follow ups.

Calcutta Rescue Canada is paying for Animesh’s treatment for one year.