Fund Raising - Past and Present


We have been very active for decades at the Kingston Market. We will continue to be in various venues in the future. Announcements of when and where will be made – please find us and pay us a visit!
Kingston's Market Square
"Making friends with Daniela, a tourist from Mexico"
"Daniela's mother, Vicki, sporting her newly acquired Calcutta Rescue one-of-a-kind silk scarf - enjoying their Canadian holiday"

Every year, we hold a Fabulous Treasure from the Orient Bazaar. For your invitation, if you are not already on our mailing list.

Treasures from the Orient Bazaar

scarves, shawls including silk & boiled wool, other clothing, bags, jewellery, tree decorations, original gifts, one-of-a kind silk covered notebooks with handmade paper, wall hangings, table runners, cushion covers, leather purses and shoulder bags, printing blocks, etc., most items are Fair Trade Free raffle for a chance to win $100. gift certificate or Dinner for 2 at Curry Original
Tiffany, Andrea and Shauna
We would like to thank Tiffany, owner of Halstead & Co., Hair Studio & Esthetics at 327 King Street East, 2nd floor, 613 545-1211 for kindly supporting Andrea in her efforts to raise funds for Calcutta Rescue through sales of our handicrafts, especially our beautiful hand-stitched 100% silk scarves and wine-bottle bags. Thank you .
Arielle doing duty outside Tara Natural Food

December 2006: Our 2006 fundraising campaign and handicraft sales went extremely well thanks to all involved: generous donors and enthusiastic volunteers who worked until the last Friday before Christmas. 

Special thanks to our fundraisers: Joy, Misha, Ellen, Annette, Katie, Susan T, Christina, Ben, Arielle, Mary, Anndale, Bev, Diane, Dawn, Cathy, Janet, Natasha, Joanne, Ash, Chloe, Susan S, and Louisa.

Congratulations to Christina, Arielle, Ellen and Misha, , who raised almost $400.00 in one evening!!