The Shetlands is a subarctic archipelago of Scotland that lies north-east of mainland Britain. The islands lie some 80 km (50 mi) to the northeast of and 280 km (170 mi) southeast of the Faroe Islands and form part of the division between the Atlantic Ocean to the west and the North Sea to the east. We sailed from Kirkwall in the Orkneys to Lerwick, capital of the Shetlands and arrived around 7:00AM. The skies were grey for the most part but there was no rain and we could even see “tinges of blue” - indicating we would probably have a pleasant day. Lerwick seemed to be a very pretty town from our vantage point on the boat - a feeling that would be proven correct in the days to come.

  • Our first view of the Shetlands!
        • Very impressive approach!
            • And now, Lerwick.
              • Pretty town
                • It was a very comfortable ride to Lerwick.